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About Dave

I am husband, father to two amazing daughters and the Connection Pastor at MFAchurch in Mooresville, NC.  I have many dyverse areas of interest:  running, leadership, technology, creating systems & first impressions.  Most of all, I strive to live in radical obedience to creator and Savior Jesus Christ.


One thought on “About Dave

  1. aunt sharon on said:

    Wow! What a Blessing!
    I enjoyed reading all your blogs It was like Having a visit.
    I Love hearing what is flowing out of your heart. It Blesses me.
    Your right about encouraging others as you walk through difficult places, During The last few weeks as our (Grandpa) My Dad had surgery and fights cancer
    I have watched My older brothers be distrout
    and I have been sad but full of peace
    Which as opened opputunities for me to
    share with them my hope
    ” Eye has not seen ear has not heard niether
    has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared them Who love him”
    That verse has been my hope,my joy and
    my strength.
    God is Good! I have found much strength myself in rememering Sam and How you all walked through that what a testimony
    love aunt sharon

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