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Free AudioBooks

Since I started Church Planting my life has been on the go and 85% traditional book reading has been put to the side for this season.  The great part of technology is that we can listen to books as our life is on the go.  Well I wanted to share a great audiobook that I downloaded for free…Tribal Leadership.  Click on the link and enjoy! (Registration is required – but it is worth it!)

If you know of any other free running/biking, business (Free business audio/video downloads ) or ministry audiobooks please let me know.


My Social Community

I wanted to have a huge shout out to Apple!  Since there new update this weekend for the iphone, (…and the new 3G Iphone release) I have had great joy connecting with my social networks.  I am able to connect with facebook, twitter and other media  with ease.  What is great with the iphone update on the new applications, is it is very easy to upload pictures and any add commits within seconds! 

The great part of social media is the great opportunity we have as a church to develop community.  We have the ability to continue conversations and interact right where we have left off in person.  I know that some don’t like that fact that people can know what you are doing as we reveal our status or twitter, but for me it opens the pathway for conversation and allows others to share in my life as I am experiencing life.   So whatever your preference, the ultimate goal is to develop community.   Though social media can be a low level community, it has the ability to bridge towards high level relationships and for me, it is just another way to stay connected to those I care about.

Modern Life

modern life

I’m not sleeping thinking about computers, but I can relate over-all!  How about you?

E-mail on Your Cell Phone

For those who can’t afford the smart phones here is a great way to get e-mail sent to your phone.  Check it out:  teleflip

Muiltimedia Builder?

Just to let you know I love technology.  One of the tools that I have embraced was the ability to create a CD that has a website feel to it without needing to be connected to the Internet.  It has been a great way to connect with visitors and pass on information that people are less likely to throw away.  People want to know what is on the CD. 

I remember one of the first tools I used to create this was called Muiltimedia Builder.  It was a great tool that helped you build a decent site, but it took a little work to make it happen.  Not so long ago Snapshot put together a decent program with the ability to do the same thing, but since they have gone to their web program they have had a lot of problems with spacing and font styles.  Well at least I’ve had multiple calls into tech support. 

Since I value their concept of using this type of format for communication to guest and those interested in our ministry I want to continue to build these CD’s.  My question goes out to those who may also use the same type of tools.  Do you know of a better program available that would build a quality multimedia CD? 

Count Down Creator

cd creator

A few weeks ago I purchased a program called Countdown Creator, this program allows you to make personalized count downs for your services.  It has been so much fun!  You can use still pictures or video that you can loop.  You choose where the countdown is placed on your screen, the amount of time you want displayed and you can choose the font style for the countdown!  You can even add your own music in the back ground.  This has really helped make those special services, that have a theme, come together! 

There is a down side to this great program and it is compatability.  It doesn’t work with Mac.  I know this is very sad, but hopefully in the future all of the Mac world will be able to use this great program! 

Will It Blend?

Have you seen any of the will it blend videos by Blend Tech?  If you ever wanted to see an iphone destroyed into tiny little pieces, you will want to see this video.  enjoy!

i-phone Unlocked

I just saw online this video interview with George Horz who has unlocked the iphone to be used with T-Mobile. Though, the iphone isn’t being sold to be used with any other provder at this time – other than AT&T, it is very plausable that in the near future we may see the iphone being used with many other providers.  That will be the day that many will rejoice and buy that sexy phone.

Mosquito Ring Tone


I was in my office yesterday and I had a group of teens playing with their cell phones.  They asked me if I could hear their ring tone call mosquito.  I really thought that they were joking with at first, but as I looked into it I found that teens today are using these new ring tones that are pitched to the high sound of 15,000 Hz.  I also learned that many adults lose their ability to hear high-pitched sounds that students can hear.  The high-pitched sound was originally designed to discourage teens from loitering in certain locations.  Now students are using their cell phones to text in class rooms were most teachers cannot hear their phone ring.   Download the 15, 000 Hz tone and see if you can hear it! 



There is a new word definition that came out about three months ago.  It is called a Googlenope (n.) which is a phrase that returns with no hits when entered in quotations in a Google search engine.    So a Googlenope is a word  like “Razor marshmallows  whale clog dancing  brown bear swimming lessons  test dummy operation  non procedure genesis  It is quite interesting going on Google’s search engine to find things that are not on their engine.  You soon find out that there are many crazy things out their like roach farming and frog dancing.  If you find yourself Googling for something and it is not documented….just know that the proper word to use know is googlenope. 

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