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Apple TV

My favorite guy from the New York Times (David Pogue) has done a review on the Apple TV.  Wow…everytime I see Apple products it just makes me more excited!  Check it out!   


Interactive Worship Training

Someone told me about this video.  It is….you tell me! 

Harvest Crusade Prayer Service


Thursday night we had a community prayer service for the Harvest Crusade that we are part of in June.  Our youth worship team had the opportunity to lead worship for it and it was great.  This was the first time for me and my worship team to lead worship for the whole church and community.  We probably had about 500 people show up.  Since the focus was prayer, I actually had to hold the people back from from worshiping…I’m not sure if I have ever done that before.  They were highly aggressive in their worship and praising God.  Words cannot express the night, but all who were part of this service were touched by God in a special way. 

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