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What’s On Your List?

I have been coming across more books that seem to be great reads:  Mark Batterson has listed two books he can’t wait to read:  It – by: Craig Groeschel / 200 Pomegranates – by: Shawn Wood.  Another book I am interested in reading, which is on diversity in the church is Peppermint-Filled Piñatas – by: Eric Michael Bryant  and the last book I ran across is Killing Cockroaches – by Tony Morgan.  What books are you finding and on your list of next reads? 


My Office

During one of my last creativity blogs I mentioned that I was redesigning my office to help set the stage for our creativity meetings.  So here are some pictures that I have taken to help you see how we put together story boards for our ministry (Or any area that you are trying to brain storm.) to help your team visualize where you are going as a ministry team. It is also a great way to keep everyone on your team on target.

over all room

white board

We have a white board for brainstorming sessions.

Anu Story Board

This story board is used to see the annual direction of our ministry. 

ind story board

The purpose of this board is to target individual ministries and brainstorm the effectiveness of the ministries, goal setting and even future ministry dreams. 

Choosing Your Creativity Team

As we assemble a creativity team it is important to know what we are looking for.  We don’t want to choose just any person.  Some foundational guidelines you will want in place when you are choosing individuals for your team are:  is the person trustworthy, able to work well with others, and won’t get offended if their ideas aren’t used.  I know this seems very basic, but I have seen people put together teams where they have had individuals that took away from the team.  If those people are not teachable it will impair the creativity of the group.   

The second part of putting together a team is knowing the purpose for your team.  Some creativity teams are for ministry assessment, sermon preparation, and others for designing, etc.  Some people are more creative in certain areas due to being involved in that field or just because that is the way that God has gifted them.  You would never want me on a creativity team discussing sports.  I know about sports – I do watch them every once in a while, but I would have a very limited view on the different components of sporting events.  Defining your creativity teams purpose will help everyone understand what the team is trying to achieve together. 

In some creativity teams you might want to define the roles of those who are part of the team.  You definently want to make sure everyone knows who is leading the group and who makes the final desicions.  If you add any specialty team members to your group, it would be a good idea to let everyone know the role of that team member so they could have a better understanding of the functions of the team as a whole.

Last, we need to see who is available?  Some teams members we assemble are from within our church, but sometimes we can pull people from outside our church fellowship to help further our team’s creativity.  Maybe they would add a lot of value if they were brought in as part of the creativity team.  Some individuals due to past experience help bring insight to the area that we are trying to be more creative. Some leaders may choose individuals from outside of our church fellowship for a short term commitment, other leaders may see the value to have the individuals part of the team for a long term.   The purpose of the team determines who you choose and the time frame they are to be part of the team.   

Those are some of my thoughts.  If you have any thoughts that you would like to add.  Leave me some comments! 

Muiltimedia Builder?

Just to let you know I love technology.  One of the tools that I have embraced was the ability to create a CD that has a website feel to it without needing to be connected to the Internet.  It has been a great way to connect with visitors and pass on information that people are less likely to throw away.  People want to know what is on the CD. 

I remember one of the first tools I used to create this was called Muiltimedia Builder.  It was a great tool that helped you build a decent site, but it took a little work to make it happen.  Not so long ago Snapshot put together a decent program with the ability to do the same thing, but since they have gone to their web program they have had a lot of problems with spacing and font styles.  Well at least I’ve had multiple calls into tech support. 

Since I value their concept of using this type of format for communication to guest and those interested in our ministry I want to continue to build these CD’s.  My question goes out to those who may also use the same type of tools.  Do you know of a better program available that would build a quality multimedia CD? 

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