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Life Goals

I’ve been thinking through my life goals. One thought I have been asking myself has been, what things do I want to achieve before I die? I know that it is a huge question for many people. Some of the categories I am thinking through are:

-travel- places I want to visit
-dates- memories I want to make with Jen
– physical goals-this is health, fitness and long term care for my life
-foods- foods I have never experience that would be exciting to try.
-cultural- this the arts, dancing, and the like.
-spiritual goals- for me, this is leaving a spiritual legacy
-financial- this covers short term and long term, even thinking through passing on finances to my child and my grandchildren.
-education- growing intellectually
-family – thinking through family experiences, parenting, and spiritual growth

My favorite quote that goes well with life goals is by Dave Ramsey, “When you choose to live like no one else; one day; you will be like no one else.”

I know this is a lot to think through, but out of this thought, I have begun to experience things in my life that I would have never pursued unless I had challenged myself to think outside of myself. Sometimes we just exist to be what is offered to us in life, instead of pushing ourselves to experience new challenges.

This year instead of making a new years resolution for 2009, I’m asking myself, what life goals am I going to pursue this next year? So I leave you with the same question, what life goals are you going to pursue in 2009?


Atlantic Beach

Dave & Jen

Last week my family and I went to Atlantic Beach in North Carolina on vacation.  The amazing time at the beach was filled with tanning, swimming, tours – we saw Black Beard’s house and heard many crazy stories about this evil pirate….rrrrr, chasing crabs on the beach late at night and just being with the family.  It was a week full of great memories. 

For me the greatest part of the trip was spending time with my wife, Jen.  Yes I enjoyed being with my two amazing daughters, but there is something special about spending time with the one that you have devoted your whole life to!  We had so much fun together.  One night we went on a ghost walk where the tour guide would share stories of Black Beard the pirate and other happenings in Beauford, NC.  It was a great night for me because there is something in me that enjoys trying to scare Jen!  The kid in me surfaced many times as we went to visit the grave yard.  The guide would share stories of some of the individuals who died and haunt the grave yard.  They said that the person’s spirit would even touch the back of the neck of the ladies who visit the graves.  At this point in the story I would reach over and touch Jen lightly behind her neck to try to scare her.  (It didn’t work, but it was fun!)  Even though we didn’t see any ghost, the time with Jen was great! 

My second favorite thing that I did was spending time on the beach with my daughters.  We would gather sea shells that had washed up on the beach.  It is like treasure hunting, you never know if the next shell that you find is the perfect shell that you have been looking for.  The girls would get extremely excited as they found shells along the beach.  They would rush over to me, to make sure that I saw the new shell that they had found.   

Well, I don’t want to turn this into family video time.  (For those who have had to endure family videos.)  TTFN!  Life is fun when you are making memories. 

Mosquito Ring Tone


I was in my office yesterday and I had a group of teens playing with their cell phones.  They asked me if I could hear their ring tone call mosquito.  I really thought that they were joking with at first, but as I looked into it I found that teens today are using these new ring tones that are pitched to the high sound of 15,000 Hz.  I also learned that many adults lose their ability to hear high-pitched sounds that students can hear.  The high-pitched sound was originally designed to discourage teens from loitering in certain locations.  Now students are using their cell phones to text in class rooms were most teachers cannot hear their phone ring.   Download the 15, 000 Hz tone and see if you can hear it! 



There is a new word definition that came out about three months ago.  It is called a Googlenope (n.) which is a phrase that returns with no hits when entered in quotations in a Google search engine.    So a Googlenope is a word  like “Razor marshmallows  whale clog dancing  brown bear swimming lessons  test dummy operation  non procedure genesis  It is quite interesting going on Google’s search engine to find things that are not on their engine.  You soon find out that there are many crazy things out their like roach farming and frog dancing.  If you find yourself Googling for something and it is not documented….just know that the proper word to use know is googlenope. 

Leaving Ecuador Part 2

check in

I am sitting in the Ecuador airport and I’m so excited that we are about to get on the plane.  I did the usual stuff:  check-in, security checks, and the body searches.  After I checked in my bags I was attempting to check my e-mail and a Delta worker called my name.  I found out that I needed to go with the security officer outside to the loading area so that they could check my check-in bag. Needless to say I was a little unsettled.  My mind began racing through everything that I had in my check-in bag.  It was the basic stuff after a long visit to any foriegn country: dirty clothes, toiletries, and coffee.  I can’t leave coffee out! 

So I follow the officer outside trying to talk to the officer in my horrible Spanish.  I basically know a word here and there of Spanish.  I tried my best to get around.  We finally get to my suit case and I see a huge Pit Bull tied to a fence with a rope barking.  I step up to a table that they have put outside to check suit case and then I begin telling the officer what I had in my bag.  I had coffee in the front zipper compartment, everything else was clothes and toiletries.  As we were going through the process I asked if the dog smelled anything and he said yes. (The dog probably smelled my coffee.)  So everything checked out good and I was escorted back to the boarding area, after having a body search again.  I must say, I have never experience anything like that before.  I hope it doesn’t happen anymore tonight as we go from Ecuador to Atlanta.  

Well that is all for now.  Life is good!  Peace:)

Leaving Ecuador Part 1

Our time in Ecuador is coming to completion.  Our last day in Quito we spent helping a local church with construction.  I personally moved close to 2000 sender-blocks as we formed a chain of individuals to move them about 150 feet and up a flight of stairs.  Needless to say our team is wiped, but the great part of what we accomplished is that we were able to expedite the building process.  What would have taken the laborers that they hired to work on the project a full days or more to finish we were able to complete in a day.  

One of the things that was made evident to me while in Ecuador was the fact that we take transportation and the lack of everyday exercise for granted.  I’ve walked in a week what I might walk in a whole year.  The good part is that I feel stronger and more in shape after one week of constant motion then before I arrived.  Maybe creating everyday opportunities to do exercise once I am back in the states would be helpful.  

Tomorrow we begin our trip back and won’t arrive back to North Carolina until Friday morning.  I have missed my family greatly and can’t wait to see everyone. 

Airing Laundry



One of things that you see throughout Ecuador is how they do laundry.  Most Ecuadorian homes and even hotels have a concrete roof where they have an area that they hand wash their dirty clothes and lines where they air dry their laundry.  As I was looking at the many roofs covered in clothes that were air drying laundry the verse that came to my mind was, “Who may ascend the hill of the Lord?  Those with clean hands and a pure heart.”  (Psalms) 

The hill of the Lord is the place where God abides.  Scripture says to even be where God abides we must wash our dirty laundry.  Literally we must take our sin to the wash area and turn on the water – which is the word of God.  This is the place we allow the Word of God to begin cleansing us from wrong attitudes, wrong motives, and passive sin we have allow to take residence in our lives. 

Earlier I mentioned that the Ecuadorians after they have washed their dirty laundry would hang their laundry out to dry.  This is where we experience the presence of God.  This is the place where we are refreshed, peace enters in places in our lives where there seems to be chaos, and we are brought back to the fullness of life for the Masters use.  Scripture teaches us that in His presence is fullness of joy.” (Psalms)  I have seen this take place over and over again in my life.  I have seen lives refreshed as individuals have surrendered themselves to God in worship and times of prayer.  This leads to a question for us…how do you refresh on a regular basis to stay strong and useful for the Master’s use? 

I remember as a child my parents didn’t have a dryer for our wet laundry.  There were many times I had to go outside and hang up clothes and then after allowing them to air dry, I would have to take they down to be folded and them worn. The value of purifying and refreshing ourselves is to come down from the mountain of the Lord to be used by God to transform those around us.  To be encouragement to those who need courage to keep going in life – these individuals have the courage because they have seen you live out something during hard times in your life and now they have hope that they can do it too.  To be a light in a dark world- these individuals express what God is doing in their personal lives to a world that are far away from God. 

The purpose of the hill is not to live there, but to be refreshed and live out your faith with all of your heart.  So that we can motivate others and be used by God to help others as they are on this journey we call life. 

The Joy of Children

We have had a great weekend.  Each of the VBS programs that we have put together have had an extra hundred children show up each time with have began ministering.  The Missionaries have been pleasantly surprised with the turn out.  One of the highlights have been watching the little girls and boys at the end of a service pray to ask Christ in their heart.  The innocent prayer and the joy that fills their face is so exciting to see.

There is something awesome about sharing a simple gospel message and watching people desire to know to God in an intimate way.  Even our bus driver has been asking tons of questions about the Bible and Christ.  Hopefully by the end of the week he will make a confession of faith. 

One of the saddest parts of yesterday was watching a little 7 or 8 year old girl carry her little brother on her back and take care of her other little brother who was about 4 years old.  We found out they none of them have eaten for three days.  So one of our leaders bought enough food for them to last about 4 days.  The need for healthcare and food is a great need many of the northern communities.  We are praying many more lives will be changed as we continue sharing the timeless truth of the gospel. 

A Full Bladder


Today has been a very busy day.  It has been a day full of bathroom experiences. In Ecuador you aren’t allow to put used toilet paper in the toilet.  Which is quite interesting.  In America you do your business and flush it away, but being in a country that collects used toilet paper is disgusting.  Today was a huge market day in the streets and while we were walking through the streets we seen a huge barrel of garbage full of used toilet paper.   When you see a barrel of used paper something inside your stomach turns.

While we were in San Francisco, Ecuador we were able to minister to over 200 people.  Which was one of the largest crowds that they have seen in that area ever.  So after working through lunch and trying to stay hydrated, you need to get rid of the water.  The only problem was because we are ministering in an open succor field there really isn’t a bathroom.  So after holding your bladder for over two hours you just have to go.  The youth pastor that I work with and I went hunting for a place that we could go.  The only problem was that every corner that we tried to find, weather it was a tree or a wall, someone was behind them or an Ecuadorian house with their windows were wide open.  Finally after searching for about 15 minutes we found a semi secluded area.  Let me tell you, after you have held your bladder that long, any relief is exciting.  

After ministering in San Francisco, Ecuador we went to another location.  Because we are trying keep everyone hydrated, my bladder was full again.  So another break was in order which was suppose to be fine in this location because they had a bathroom.  So I entered the bathroom and the smell almost knocks me over.  So I held my breathe and tried to enter the first stall, but it was full and water covered the floor.  I tried to use the next stall and it wasn’t much better.  So I had to make a choice to either use the toilet or find another wall.  I choose the toilet and added more water to dirtiest bathroom I have ever used in my entire life of living.  So the next time you are experiencing your dirtiest bathroom experience, remember that in Ecuador it is much worst.   

Time With God

Our morning devotions and worship time has been amazing.  We have our personal and corporate prayer on the roof of the hotel that we are staying.  What makes this so special is that surrounding Otavalo (which is north of Quito) are huge mountains. These mountains are beautiful and the clouds that cover the sky paint a gorgeous image that many of us have only seen in magazines.   I can’t leave out the fact that the tempature in the mornings here is in the 50’s and during the day they hit the high 70’s.  We are right on the equator.  In fact yesterday I was able to stand on o’ latitude. 

 Everyone connects to God differently, for me one of the ways I connect with God really well is when I am close to the out doors.   So spending time in prayer upstairs on the roof is very meaningful.  I would encourage you to find what way you connect with God the best and schedule time on a monthly basis try to position yourself to hang out with God outside of your regular time.   My other pathway that I connect really well with God is through reading books and intellectually process information.  Though this pathway can be a curse as well as a blessing it has been a great avenue for me to grow in my relationship with Christ through the years.   I gotta head to bed I have an early moring tomorrow.  Peace from Ecuador!

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