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My Office

During one of my last creativity blogs I mentioned that I was redesigning my office to help set the stage for our creativity meetings.  So here are some pictures that I have taken to help you see how we put together story boards for our ministry (Or any area that you are trying to brain storm.) to help your team visualize where you are going as a ministry team. It is also a great way to keep everyone on your team on target.

over all room

white board

We have a white board for brainstorming sessions.

Anu Story Board

This story board is used to see the annual direction of our ministry. 

ind story board

The purpose of this board is to target individual ministries and brainstorm the effectiveness of the ministries, goal setting and even future ministry dreams. 


Tagged Self-Disclosure

I was tagged by Ryan Day to participate in the following exercise in self-disclosure.

1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Tag random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

Here are my 7 things about me… We might want to call this 7 random facts about me….

1.  I met my wife Jennifer at Southeastern University – Lakeland, FL and was married at her home church in Columbus, GA in 1995.  Yes I married a southern girl!  Since then, we have had two beautiful children.  Samantha (8) and Hannah (6-who believes that she is 16.) A common side effect of youth ministry.

2. I have been in ministry since age 17.  When I was in high school I led worship for our junior high ministry in my home church in Sarasota, FL and was highly involved in multiple ministry opportunities.  What is interesting about that is Chris Connell who is our Associate Pastor at my current church where I am working was the junior high Pastor.  Who would have thought we would have crossed paths later in my life? 

3.  I love being with my wife and children.  There is nothing better in life then hanging out with my family over a good southern cooked meal and just being together.  I really  enjoy how our family can make each other laugh and just have fun with life.

4. My whole married life I have had a sibling or relative live in my house.  Right after I was married my middle brother came to live with us after having some difficulties as a teenager and after he finished high school he joined the military.  Not long after this my wife’s father passed away and her mother became chronically ill and has lived with us since then.  Currently my youngest brother, along with mother in law lives with us.  

5. I am an Associate Youth Pastor currently.  I basically take care of all the programing and oversee all the ministries within our department.  I also do a lot of the design stuff for our ministry.  I create t-shirts, brochures, logos, and anything else that we need.  I also lead worship for our ministry and give direct oversight to our small groups.  All I can say is fun! 

6.  I am a coffee consumer!  I originally started drinking coffee when I was a teenager.  I went to a dinner with my Uncle Allen and he got me hooked!  Since my addiction I have consumed massive amounts of Starbucks, Caribou and Fair Trade coffee- Larry’s Beans.  I enjoy collecting coffee from around the world.  My favorite coffee blend so far is from Ecuador and from the Galapagos Islands

7.   I am the most unique person I have ever met.  I am analytical, creative, relational – at times shy and withdrawn, musical, friendly, I am passionate – about life and God, a leader and humbly down to earth – about life and religion, I am authentic, genuine and yet complex at times because of my analytical mind, I am fun, realistic, romantic – at least my wife thinks so…. and I love to help people succeed at life, I am a good friend. 

I tagged Mark Carr, Micheal Moss, Paul Jenkins, James Halfhill

Marketing Through “TEXT” messaging


I stumbled upon a great marketing strategy as I was driving past an apartment complex.  “Texting for more info.”  I starting thinking through how signs can be more then just promotions, they can be interactive!  Image driving by a church sign and it says TEXT this number for more info.  People would be able to retrieve personalized information to their phone with no attachments or felt pressure to be part of the church or event.  This is a great use of technology within today’s culture to help people connect with each other.   

If you think of any great marketing strategies let me know! 

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