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Some of you know that our church is part of the Harvest Crusade that Greg Laurie does.  I thought I’d share the Student Outreach night Promo that the Harvest team put together for the Youth night (Amplified). 

 If you think about this event, please keep us in your prayer.  We are believing many students to come to Christ through this event. 


Cell Phone Messages

Are you tired of cell phone voice mail that everytime you listen to a voice message you loose minutes?  If so check out this clip of yes…David Pogue.   

Five Guys


Yesterday for lunch I visited this place called five guys.  They had the best burgers I have ever tasted.  WOW! When you bite into one of their burgers it is full of flavor and dripping with grease.  Their fries are made in house also. So when you order a cup of fries you get almost half of a sack of fries.  So if you ever see a Five Guys Restaurant you need to try it out.  WOW!  You will love it. Smile Life is fun:0)

Do You Know What is Worse Than a Toilet Seat?


As I was sitting in the doctors office with my sick wife yesterday I stumbled upon an article that I thought was a fun fact. 

 Researchers have found the average office desk is filled with germs.  Yes we knew that, but the average desk harbors 20,961 germs per square inch.  This is 400 times more the amount of germs then an average toilet seat. (Since we are talking about toilets…researchers have also found that the average person uses the middle stall, which leave them dirtier and more germie.) So the next time you are eating lunch in the office….remember that it is worst then eating lunch on a toilet seat.  That just makes us all say, “Yummy!” 

For more germ information see this link:


As some of you know…I really like David Pogue. He works for the New York Times and gives great reveiws on new technical things. Check out his video blog on the new iphone.

I wish I had one of these…It would make me smile BIG!!!


I read this quote today and thought I’d share it with you.   

“When man has the Word without the Spirit they are often dead, dull and dry; when man has the Spirit without the Word there is always a tendancy towards fanaticism.  But where man has the Word and the Spirit, they will be equipped as the Master wants His ministers equipped.” – Frank M. Boyd – CBC instructer

NFL Puts a Hold On The Church

I’m not sure if you have seen this, but the NFL is putting a hold on a church in Indiana that was planning to host a Super Bowl Party.  NFL states that they are violating Super Bowl copyright laws. 

 If you think about it, thousands of churches do this annually.  Ministries focus on this one event to sell resources for churches using this event as an outreach.  NFL states that it is ok for sports bars and restaurants who televise this event to so because they use the TV’s as their daily use of operations. 

 I think we will see this again soon…..maybe even court.

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