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Java Fire Logs

Java LogsAs some of you know I collect coffee.  I have coffee from different foreign countries I have visited and coffee from places that some of my friends have visited.  So today to my surprise I learned that coffee is  also used to make fire place log starters.  Yes you heard that right.  “Fire Starters!”  I also learned that it takes 365 cups of recycled coffee to make one log.  I was so excited when I seen this.  I had to find out what this fire starter would do compared to everyday fire starters.  So I bought a log.  I was hoping that it would fill my house with the aroma of coffee….but it doesn’t.  It is a great starter, it burns brighter than normal fire starters do.   It was a great experience and an exciting day to see that coffee is not only consumed, but used as energy.  As you can tell, I get excited when I experience things for the first time…..this was a first.  For more information on this fire log check out this article.

Smile God is Good:0)


National Camel Day

CamelOn Wednesday I turned the big “33.”  So I was pumped all day long.  I started the day off like any normal day…I was heading to work to accomplish many menial task to be done.  One of the many things I had to do was head to Walmart.  I was going to meet with the pastor I work with to pick out some lamps for our youth room.  So we meet and got everything that we needed and we begin to head to the check out.  I live in Raleigh, NC now….we have many nationalities that are represented here.  So I go to the check out and the woman that is checking us out is a middle eastern lady with her eastern head covering on.  I started up some small talk with her and said hey how are you doing?  she said fine.  I continued…have you been busy?  She said no.  So I pause for a moment and then continued….did you know that today is National Camel Day and she said noo…I diddn’t know that they celebrated camels in America.  I said yea it’s hump day (Wednesday).  She said, do you own a camel?  I said no I don’t and the pastor that was with me jumped in and said no, but he has a daughter who would love to have one.  We both barely got out of the store without busting out in laughter…..

I learned something on my birthday….not everyone should be told that it is National Camel Day…especially in Raleigh! 

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