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The new Iphone application has opened the door to many great abilities, one of them being JOTT!  Jott is a application that allows users to call 1(866) jott 123 and sent text or email messages to people within your contacts or group, without touching your email.  It takes your voice-message and transcribes it to a text format and then sends an e-mail or text to your intended group or person. 

Have any of your tried JOTTING.  How has your experience been?


My Social Community

I wanted to have a huge shout out to Apple!  Since there new update this weekend for the iphone, (…and the new 3G Iphone release) I have had great joy connecting with my social networks.  I am able to connect with facebook, twitter and other media  with ease.  What is great with the iphone update on the new applications, is it is very easy to upload pictures and any add commits within seconds! 

The great part of social media is the great opportunity we have as a church to develop community.  We have the ability to continue conversations and interact right where we have left off in person.  I know that some don’t like that fact that people can know what you are doing as we reveal our status or twitter, but for me it opens the pathway for conversation and allows others to share in my life as I am experiencing life.   So whatever your preference, the ultimate goal is to develop community.   Though social media can be a low level community, it has the ability to bridge towards high level relationships and for me, it is just another way to stay connected to those I care about.


It is finally here!  I’ve been waiting for a week for my new i-phone and this morning at 9:25 A.M the door bell rang and there stood the Fed Ex man!  I could almost reach out and give him a hug, but after filtering the consequences of such an action I withstood the urge.  All I can say is Wohoooo! This is a great day! 

Experiencing God is Living

It is quite interesting; once a person starts church planting everything in his world begins to change.  Scheduling, office work and communication is no longer done within the pristine white walls of an office.  The environment shifts and you begin the adaptation process of your new world that is being formed.  When working out of your home office, you must set aside office hours VS family time.  Communication is done continual with emails and by mobile phone.  (May I add, I just ordered myself an I-phone and I am exited how it will help my communication base to expand while I am mobile?  I should get it by the end of the week!  Yeaaa!) Everything is done in motion, on the go open for all to see. 
I guess I am trying to say that though everything is changing and shifting continually, it is exciting to be part of what God has called you to – that being, people who desire to experience God in their world.  To me, that is living!



Will It Blend?

Have you seen any of the will it blend videos by Blend Tech?  If you ever wanted to see an iphone destroyed into tiny little pieces, you will want to see this video.  enjoy!

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