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Battle Cry – San Francisco – ATT Park

battle cry  

If you have been in youth ministry for a while you have heard the name Ron Luce.  Though many look at Ron’s approach as very extreme, you will find that his motivation behind the war on America is a fight against immorality.  I think we would all agree that we desire to help preserve our moral beliefs and pass them down to our children.   The question is how do we pass down our beliefs to our children, yet not keep them ignorant to the issues of what is really happening in our immoral culture that we call America.

Everyday our own families are inundated with violence, sexuality, and individuals that deface the values that many of us grew up being parented under.  If we are ever going to win this battle against immorality, the church must be a voice in America.  Not just a voice, but believers that are unified in faith living a counter culture lifestyle that is relevant to the average person we come in contact with.  The best way to combat this is to educate our own children about why we believe the Biblical values that we profess.  We as parents, family members, friends, teachers and pastors should speak up, instead of being silent about immoral issues.  Many are trying to preserve their children’s life by shutting the ears of their children or sheltering them from being exposed to our culture. We tell our child not to speak using certain words or not to act in the manner that others do in our culture, but we haven’t helped them understand why.  This must stop!  To be a voice, our counter culture lifestyle must offer a solution and understanding that people in today’s society understand.  Not just opinions, but facts of the impact that our culture is having upon society and then practical actions that can be modeled in our life. 

What will you do to begin being a voice in your home, church and city?  Will you remain silent or like Ron Luce– sound the battle cry!  It is time to unify and live what we say we believe.  


Mosquito Ring Tone


I was in my office yesterday and I had a group of teens playing with their cell phones.  They asked me if I could hear their ring tone call mosquito.  I really thought that they were joking with at first, but as I looked into it I found that teens today are using these new ring tones that are pitched to the high sound of 15,000 Hz.  I also learned that many adults lose their ability to hear high-pitched sounds that students can hear.  The high-pitched sound was originally designed to discourage teens from loitering in certain locations.  Now students are using their cell phones to text in class rooms were most teachers cannot hear their phone ring.   Download the 15, 000 Hz tone and see if you can hear it! 


I am in the process of putting together a Youtube group where students can post video blogs sharing what God has already done in their life.  This is a great way to solidify and also encourage students who may be struggling with their walk with God.  

If you are a Youth Pastor or Leader I would like you to encourage your students to post videos blogs.  For more information contact me – Dave Wilson🙂 or check out the Youtube group: 

Amplify – Get Ready


As you may know this weekend is the Amplify Youth night. (Saturday Night)  It is expected to be a weekend that will impact lives for eternity.  Please pray with us as we are urging individuals to come out this weekend.  We have been working for over a year planning for this event and now is the time to see the harvest.   It is kinda like planting a garden we have worked hard preparing the soil and planting the seed and the momentum has grown.   

I was at a swim meet with my youngest daughter (which by the way she got first place in her 1st heat!) the other night and I was able to talk to a guy who was unchurched about coming out the event.  Because there is a small degree of the unknown about big event many just want to come out to see what it is. 

This week is our last big push Friday night is the opening night and then bam!  It’s here!   SWEET!  Please pray and if you are in the Raleigh area….invite, invite, invite!  Peace:)

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