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Last week I was talking to students after our midweek service and I spoke with one young lady who had the word “PUSH” written on her hand.  Me being me pushed her hand with my finger and I asked, “What is suppose to happen?”  I was waiting for a silly game or something new teenagers are starting to do, but she begins to explain that a former Youth Pastor taught the PUSH principal.  Push Stands for PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS. 

That one word has stuck with me all week.  How many times do we pray not even expecting an end result?  Instead we should pray believing that our God desires to answer our prayer and He already knows what we need before we even speak our request. 

Because I am so visual I like putting word pictures on my computer desk top so I leave you with my PUSH button. 



 I love watching videos.  There are many creative minds out there.  Creative minds help challenge my creativity.  Did you know that Youtube now has a Christian competitor?….godtube.  Here is a great beat box video some of you might enjoy…

Church Signs

Church Signs

I know many of us have had the pleasure of changing church sign letters.  Even posting rediclous sayings that we would laughat as we hung each letter.  Some of us really despise that fact that someone created Church signs, but the fact is they are here and we must deal with them.  We have read humorous  sayings on church signs and have even made fun of them.

 I found this fun church sign site.  You can make your own personal church sign into a jpeg.  For you creative people out there everything you wish you could post on a church sign is now do-able.    So enjoy! 

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