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Samsung i730

samsung i730

Yesterday I got a new Samsung i730 through Verizon .  It is not the top of the line when it comes to pocket pc’s phones, but man it is cool.  Since I have transitioned my schedule has been crazy and harder to keep up with.  So with this guy I should be set.  It has a voice activating dial up which is very handy when you are driving and just fun to use. It also has bluetooth, which gives you the ability to pass information between others who have bluetooth through there phones, notebooks or other pocket pc’s.  Since the the youth pastor I work already has bluetooth it should help a lot in getting information to each other.   One of the things that I my wife is excited about it is that she can add things to my schedule conveniently.

Life is Fun.  Smile:)



galleyLet a man regard us in this manner, as servants (huperetas) of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. – 1 Corinthians 4:1

Paul uses the term huperetas to describe ministry.  The term huperetas is used to describe a team of criminals who work together in the galleys to row a war-ship.  These guys had to work together, if one had a poor attitude or was lazy it affected the whole ship – not to mention the team he was on.   

I think that Paul is trying to communicate a couple of things.  One is that we should all understand ministry is not about the small area of ministry that we are part of…it is about the big picture…the ship is only a tool that God uses to reach a destination…God desires that we work together to reach a specific destination.  This requires that each of us work together to reach God’s specific destination.  Can you imagine if one of the rowers said, “I don’t want to row in this direction any more I want to go the other way.”  The ship would be out of control.  Never reaching their desired destination. 

The second thing we need to see is that God never calls us to do a big job by yourself.  A large ship could never move through the water if it only had one or two rowers.  It would need a large team.  Though they used criminals, we need to use fellow servants who are dedicated to the call of Christ.  Those who are willing to sacrifice and give of there time, energy and resources. So no mater what you are going through in ministry God has a team for you to work with.  The question you need to begin asking is who is that team?  What job responsibilities do I need covered in order to head in the direction that God has called our church or ministry to?

Lastly, it will require hard work…you will probably have to be in the galleys with other fellow followers of Christ.  Being a leader is not just about just telling people what to do, it requires us leading IN the galleries.  Jeanne Mayo calls it “leading in the trenches.”  Everything that we will ever accomplish in ministry that is going to be affective requires many hours of assembling people, organizing them by their gifting and then everyone digging in and getting the job done. 

You and I can accomplish huper (super) things for Christ as we work together with the right attitude and when we are willing to be devoted to seeing God’s mandates on our churches to completion. 

Life is fun.  Smile:)

Raising Godly People

One of the things we were talking about last night in a leadership meeting was how the church has a bunch of nice kids who do what they are told by the parents and come to church regularly, but they have been so christianized that have not had a true encounter with God, being tranformed from good christian kid to Beleiver.  How do we stop raising good christian kids and begin seeing lives transformed by the power of God? 

 We must understand that we carry the power of God in our lives. Wherever we go, we should see and expect to see God’s presence in us to wake up the passive church attender.  It isn’t enough to know it, buut we must bring students back to the Word.  The other day in a small group I was leading we were talking about charactoristics of a beleiver and everyone started giving the traditional churchy answers…so I said, “How does the Word of God describe a Beleiver?”  No one had an answer.  This gave me an oportunity to   speak God’s truth other their life instead of traditional churchinease.  I’m not sure about you, but I am so tired of churchy answers to life questions.  We need to go back and really see what the Worde of God really says about who we are, what our mission is, and how we are going to fulfill that mission. 

 Second allow kids to be authentic.  We have all been made differantly, so the way I act and respond to life is going to be differant than the way you act or respond.  The main point is not raising good kids.  The main point we must focus on is creating an enviornment that encourages students to who God created them to be.  I watch my daughter who lives to dance and sometimes I have to redirect her dancing because it memics charicters she sees on Disney Channel.  I know that God wired her diffent and dance might be that one thing that God created her to do that would one day impact tons of lives.  To create this enviorment we must be authentic in who we are. We must stop giving churchy answers and give Biblical answers….and understand that some things in life don’t have an answer, but God is always empower and giving us the strength we need in the mist of our difficulty. 

So I guess I’m saying that we sould first understand that you can make a differance, second that you have the responsibility to create the right enviorment and third to allow God to shape each of us into His image realizing that we all may us differant vechacles (we are all gifted differant) to share the gospel.  Lastly, always direct people to God’s Word, not to man’s opinion.

Life is Fun.  Smile:)

The New life

Man life has been busy…. and that’s no exsaduration.  We have been moving into a new house and getting settled into the new church that I am working at and wow this is my first breather. 

I am the new associate Youth Pastor at Raleigh First A/G and this position is in charge of over-seeing all the youth ministry / organizational side of  the ministry and I am over the youth worship team.  So I have been at many meetings meeting everyone on our team and re-directing the them

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