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What’s On Your List?

I have been coming across more books that seem to be great reads:  Mark Batterson has listed two books he can’t wait to read:  It – by: Craig Groeschel / 200 Pomegranates – by: Shawn Wood.  Another book I am interested in reading, which is on diversity in the church is Peppermint-Filled Piñatas – by: Eric Michael Bryant  and the last book I ran across is Killing Cockroaches – by Tony Morgan.  What books are you finding and on your list of next reads? 


Worship Soundtrack For Life

Truelife has just started a new series of messages entitled: “Worship, Soundtrack For Life.”  When many of us hear this term “worship” we may think music, but music is just one pathway in worship.  Here are other pathways I think of when we talk about worship:

1. Contemplation / journaling – we see this throughout Psalms through the writings of King David
2. Serving : As we honor each other and those less fortunate, we are honoring God.
3. Compassion: Helping the sick and helpless.
4. Pursuing Dreams: Going after those dreams that God has put in our hearts.

The key to each act of worship is our heart connection while engaging in these pathways.  We should be striving to bring honor to God in everything thing that we do in life.  In our home, workplace, and community.  Since we are carrying the presence of God, people around us should scense God’s peace, kindness, and love.  Though this is not new to many of us, the reality of making worship our life can be difficult.  Sometimes we place our desires above God’s and His plan for our lives.

The question I asked Truelife on Sunday was, what 1 step do you need to take in your life to begin engaging in worship?  For many of us it is as simple as making a mind shift regarding worship. “Everyhing I do is to bring honor to God!”.  What is your step foraward?


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