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King of His Throne

I live in NC so I have seen a lot of country folks do some funny things, but this one takes the toilet seat!  Literally!  You got to read this one folks!  Too Funny!   Click the picture for a better read. 

Bad Day


Small Things Create Big Impact

I’ve noticed that businesses and churches that focus attention on the small things usually create a huge impact on their target audience.  I went to the store the other day with a friend’s young son and while we were checking out he asked for a sticker.  A simple little tiny sticker.  Well, where we usually shop they don’t have stickers.  I thought to myself, wow this place isn’t very kid friendly.  While another store pops in my mind of all the things that they offer children and even adults.  When you walk in the door there are sugar cookies available for children, in the produce department there are always fresh samples of fruit, then when you check out…they have stickers. 

Have you ever thought how people friendly our churches are?  When guest arrive at our churches, what are the first things that they see?  Is it a person with a smile or a person with a bulletin?   Are we creating the environment for the service from the parking lot all the way until the person finds a seat?  I mean, think about the impact.  What if people are greeted with parking lot attenders who are welcoming guest as they come on your campus.  Or music that is playing outside of the building as individuals make their way into our sanctuaries.  Image smiling faces not only greeting you, but serving you, helping you find the location for your children, and the best seat in the sanctuary for you and your family.  A church that is intentional about connecting people in there church!  Churches who give attention to small detail will always put in the mind of those who visit, I am important to that church!  Think about that the next time individuals leave your church to visit another church, they will always compare your church with the church that does nothing but church…They might even come back because they know that they are valuable, you care enough to serve them and to say “I’m glad that you are here!”  Remember, “Small things create big impact!”


Do you remember the first time you ever touched a computer?  I remember the DOS computers with all the codes to use just to do a basic step and then Windows came out.  Wow that was exciting and so much easier.  As I learned each operating system I remember asking tons of questions trying to figure out how in the world do you use this opperating system?  Now it is like riding a bike…many thoughtless steps to accomplish your desired end result. 

Have you ever thought what it was like for those who read scrolls and upgraded to books with pages????  Check out this video! 

Little Black Book of Connections

Little Black Book

I’ve started reading a new book by Jeffrey Gitomer.  Most of us probably have never heard if this guy, but he wrote this book all about connecting with people.  This Little Black Book of Connections walks you through steps to network with individuals.  I have really never thought about the value of networking with people.  Yes we network all the time, but it really has been something I just have done…I mean, there really hasn’t been a huge value in it for me….until now.  

It really goes back to your ministry or organization can never grow any further than your leadership cup.  The larger the the leadership base the more growth the organization can hold.  The value in connecting with individuals is that you begin increasing your potential to be exposed to more resources, support and knowledge of other individuals expertise.  

One of the many questions Jeff begins asking is, who do you know?  He has you begin identifying in groups (friends, business friends, acquaintances, family members, etc.) who do you already know and then the next step is to begin adding value to their life in some way.  One practical way is through e-zines or blogging.   Sharing information with people with the purpose to give them tool to empower them to be successful.  I know one of my core values that I live out everyday is to be a blessing to everyone that I come into contact with.  Being intentional is the key to fulfilling that value.  So my next step is increasing my range by connecting with more people with the purpose to help them be successful.  I think there is a spiritual principle here…what we sow we will harvest.  It will come back to us.  So if your not a networker….maybe it is time to get started! 

Chains or Worship?


I’ve been reading Mark Batterson’s book: In a Pit With a Lion.  Great book!  One ofthe many things that stand out to me is how easy it is to allow our circumstances to dictate to us our attitude.  Therefore it begins affecting our worship towards God.  Mark Batterson puts it this way, “The circumstances that you complain about become chains that imprison you.  And worship is the way out.  Worship reframes our problems and refocuses our lives. ” 

 I just got back from a Mission Training this past weekend and I had the honor to lead worship.  For many of the students who attended, it was a breakthrough weekend.  The chains that they had held onto for months or even years came loose when they choose to worship God and yield everything to Himin worship.  We read this in scripture when Paul and Silas after being beaten and thrown into the Philippian prison, they began to “pray and sing hymns unto God.”  And the chains came off and the prison doors came open!  WOW!  When we begin praising authentically (not just singing a song.)and begin seeking God with all of our heart the chains in our lives come off and doors that lead to life begin opening for us! 

 As I have begun to refused,  I’ve made a decisionto focus on God’s truth and not on circumstances.  Being full of hope instead of dispare because a life that is full of praise is a free life. So today I choose to do two things one…look through the eyes of God and see life from his perspective. (Many times we see things as WE ARE and not as it truly is.)  Two….be a blessing to everyone I come into contact with.  (Be light in a dark world.) What will you choose?

Too Busy To Stop

As I was listening to a blog this morning I stumbled across a review on Joshua Bell, one of the greatest violinist today.  The Washington Post did a test to see if Joshua Bell would stand in the highly populated L’enfant Plaza in Washington DC, would people stop and pay attention to this great violinist. 

 He arrives at L’enfant Plaza on January 12, 2007  and began to play Bach’s Chaconne on a Stradivarius violin. After 43 minutes, 5 more classical pieces, and 1,097 people passed by,  Joshua Bell had made $32.17 (not counting $20 received from one person who recognized him). The lack of recognition shocked the researchers who thought that they would have to have crowd control. 

What is interesting to me even when one of the greatest musicians in todays culture is playing the classics , the world is too busy to stop and listen to his message.  To read more and watch a video: 

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