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I was looking at the Urban Dictionary and found a great word that communicates what many young people are experiencing.  Many people in today’s culture have long distance friendships through the internet.  The word that is being used for this is “dotcomrade.”  It means to have an acquaintance or someone that you chat with but have never actually met.  Basically digital friendships!  So who’s your dotcomrade? 




I was listening to a youtube video blog yesterday and I heard someone use a word I was unfamiliar with in a sentence.  He said, “Then we came back to the hotel blogging and skyping, it was a pretty average day.”  The only definition that I have found was on the Urban Dictionary and it states:  Using skype to communicate via voice, text message, file transfer and link exchange simultaneously.

Basically it is multitasking while communicating to someone.  I haven’t realized it, but I have been skyping for a while.  I download songs, blog or answer e-mail and sometimes even talk on the phone, while drinking coffee, at the same time that I am trying to accomplish multiple task.



There is a new word definition that came out about three months ago.  It is called a Googlenope (n.) which is a phrase that returns with no hits when entered in quotations in a Google search engine.    So a Googlenope is a word  like “Razor marshmallows  whale clog dancing  brown bear swimming lessons  test dummy operation  non procedure genesis  It is quite interesting going on Google’s search engine to find things that are not on their engine.  You soon find out that there are many crazy things out their like roach farming and frog dancing.  If you find yourself Googling for something and it is not documented….just know that the proper word to use know is googlenope. 


verbose \vuhr-BOHS\, adjective:
Abounding in words; using or containing more words than are necessary; tedious by an excess of words; wordy; as, “a verbose speaker; a verbose argument.”

 I’m usally the least verbose person you would meet, that is until you know me.  Then I usally kick back and have fun!  I am getting better as I am aging, but over all I usally don’t over use words…unless I am trying to ramble. Since most people get tired of reading when someone is rambling I better stop now!  Expand your vocabulary!  Enjoy Life!  Peace:)


venerate \VEN-uh-rayt\, transitive verb:
To treat someone or something with deep respect, reverence or deference; to revere.

I am about to walk out the door as I am on my way to Ecuador.  As I was learning a new word of the day I came past the word venerate.  It can also mean to adore or to cherish…and wow that is exactly how I feel about my family.  They are amazing!  Last night Hannah won 1st place in her heat 1 swim meet.  That’s all she could do because of a thunderstorm that came through. So they had to close down the meet.   My other daughter is just as amazing; though I can’t think of any event that she has succeeded in this week I venerate the fact that she is my eldest daughter who is growing to be an incredible young lady.   And my wife multi-tasked all day while I was with teenagers helping prepare them for Ecuador trip.  She got up early took me to the church, went shopping for a meal that we do every year with our parents and the teenagers who are going on the mission trip…then she left to swim practice, then went to work at the swim meet all evening while I was at the church!  WOW!  I definitely venerate wife with all my heart! 


I believe one way to increase our abilites to communicate is to learn how to phrase words and by learning new words to use to express your thoughts.  One way I have begun to do this is by learning a new word from   Check out today’s word:  

 languid \LANG-gwid\, adjective:

1. Drooping or flagging from or as if from exhaustion; weak; weary; heavy.

2. Promoting or indicating weakness or heaviness.

3. Slow; lacking vigor or force.

As many of you know I have been preparing for multiple events this week.  As I walked through the door after a long day at work I felt languid, ready to go straight to bed.  As life goes on so do I, choosing to move forward with a good attitude choosing enjoy my time with the family.   

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