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Think Different

Do you remember the Apple“Think Different” campaign?  As I begin thinking through church development, I notice that many churches take the approach of memicing churches that they are modeling their churches after.   While using principles and ideas to enhance what we are already doing as a church is fine in my opinion.  To mimic and try to reproduce to scale what successful churches are doing is limiting our creative ability that God has given each of us and lowers our divine potential.

The key to church development is not to be like or even out do other churches.  We must begin creating environments within our church that forces us to be creative and think different.   We don’t think different to just be different.  We think through different applications of ministry concepts to be more affective in reaching people.  Imagine how affective our churches could be in reaching people within our community if we begin engaging our creativity within our church community.  Within TrueLife we have creativity teams that we use to help our ministry teams.  In doing this, the creative potential is unleashed and new ideas and concepts are birthed.

We were all created to be different, so let’s be the original people God created each of us to be.  We can change our world one creative idea at a time.  Think Different!


Wii – Life Together


We have just started a new sermon series that we have entitled, “Wii – Life Together.”  One of the main ideas were “You hold the key to relationships.”  Healthy relationships don’t just happen, we must take an active role in cultivating healthy relationships.

Since I have been working at TrueLife and also at UNC Healthcare I have been away from my little ladies – Sam and Hannah in the evenings.  So this past Friday we had a late night family movie night.  It was so exciting to watch both of the girl’s excitement build as they anticipated staying up late with their dad on a Friday night.  (They probably were more excited about being able to stay up until midnight.)  The night was full of memories and the next day we did sleep in, which was great.

It would be so easy to passively live life and go through the motions of working and coming home, but there are times when we need to take steps to create memories in our relationships.  We must think of ways to interact and make live life together with those we love.  Whether it is a movie night or a special day at the park with your family.  Healthy relationships don’t just happen, we cultivate them.

Community Within The Local Church

I’ve been thinking a lot about community within the local church.  What does it look like?  I know some central values must be in place: Trust, honest communication, care and acceptance of diversity.  Due to us being imperfect people,  it seems like we mess up this thing called community, but maybe community is suppose to be messy.  It’s an environment filled with individuals who look, think, and act different then we do. 

The key to community is accepting and caring for everyone.  This is where I think community gets difficult.  It is esaier to accept people who are like us, but how about people who are marginalized, hurt or the polar oppisite, secure – strong energetic leaders?  Community says that everyone belongs.   Though we don’t always agree with everyone within community, we can communicate that we care for each other.  But how?  The first step is showing that you are interested by interacting and engaging in conversation.   Go out of your way to meet people.  Then we must take the next step and include those within community in our lives.  Spend time together, eat together.  At least that is what I like to do.  Many of us get stuck here.  We develop a relationship with a person or a couple that we like and we stop trying to build other relationships.  Community is an ongoing process where we all engage in building relationships and continue to be an extention of God’s love to those within our community. 

What are you experiencing within your community?  How is community being built within your local church? 

The Original March Madness

March Madness

TrueLife has been going through a message series that we have just finished, “The Original March Madness!”  It was a great series.  As I was thinking through the series,  I was thinking what were some key thoughts that have been communicated.

#1  TLC Core Value:  “You can belong before you believe.”  You can be part of community and experience the love of Christ through the Church before you commit your life to Christ.  What I love about this core value is that Jimmy Long has said in his book Generating Hope that there will be two conversations for the postmodern.  A conversion of community and then a conversion to God.  Our core value opens the door to reaching the postmodern generation.

#2  “Chasing the miracle moment instead of experiencing the miraclous life.?  We meet a lot of people chasing after a miracle moment instead of expecting God to work through our lives everyday.  The miraculous life is being a source of encouragement to those who are in dispair, it is praying and believing that God is with us and working out the details in our life that are beyond our control.  The miraclous life is allowing Christ to be part of our life everyday.

#3 God has called us to share our life with others and to not to live life alone.  I really believe that we cannot make it the long haul with our journey to follow Christ without joining with the community of believers and being involved in each others life.  I need you just as much as you need me.  I think it is key to point out that being involved with other believers means that we share what God is doing in our lives and also extending to others support and exceptance.

I know in the series other things stand out like: being pentecostal – which means to be in community, be inclusive and live missional lives, but my real question goes out to other TrueLifers:

– What stands out in your mind as we went through The Original March Madness?

– Second, Do you have any stories of what has happened in your life through the series?

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