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Stage 1 Running

I have not posted for a while and I thought I would talk about my physical life.  I have recently started running and I must say it has been fun.  I know most people that hear that statement do not equate running and fun together, but I have truly enjoyed it.  I have been running 1.4 miles for almost 2 weeks and next week I start my 2.4 mile run.  I am still in the process of mapping this out, so I don’t have a lot of details.  My strategy as for now is to add 1 mile every two weeks until I hit 5 miles.  Then I will assess and plan out my next steps. 

Since I have began running I feel great and I am starting to lose more weight.  In September I set a weight goal to lose 5 pounds each month through the new year.  Then in January I will assess my progress and my next step.  I am only 28 pounds away from my ideal weight for my body type, so with the right diet and exercise I should meet my ultimate goal by spring. 

In the midst of losing wieght and running I have set a life goal to run in a marathon.  I am taking this in stages at this point.  At the end of January I am planning to be part of the Krispy Kreme Challenge, this is  where runners and non runners run 2 miles eat 2 dozen doughnuts and then run back another 2 miles….I’m not sure if I can pull off the eating part, but I should be able to run the 4 miles by then.

If you’re running I’d love to hear what running goals you have set for yourself.  Keep running…..


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