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I Don’t Need To Go To Church

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I meet more and more people who say, “I’m a Christian, I don’t need to go to church.”  This mentality is common among those who have been raised in the church and want to justify not being part of a body of believers. 

 The only problem I see in having this type of mentality is that it is difficult to be obedient to God’s Word without being part of a body of believers. 

God has called us to:   

– tithe a tenth of our earnings to the church

– We all have a function in the church.  Some of us are the arms, others the eye and so on.  (1 Cor. 12)

– We cannot discipline each other Biblically without a believer being part of a church.  (Matthew 18)

– It is difficult to be in “unity” with a body of believers without  meeting together.  (John 17:22)

– The church send out believers for service.  (1 Cor. 12)

– The church meets together to build each other up and pray corporately.  (Acts 2)

How can we exhort the body without being part of the body?  You can’t!  And if you aren’t part of the body of Christ by meeting together corporately are you part of the body? 

 One of my concerns as a believer is not trying to build giant church buildings, but uniting believers together, growing in Christ together, sending out believers who are equipped by those placed in spiritual authority over the church…to a dark and dying culture that need hope of a God who took their shame and suffering so that they can live eternally with Him. 

 “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” – Hebrew 10:25


It is Worth it:)

Yesterday our family went to the State Fair with another family we are close to. It was a day full eating, eating and walking eating and helping guide our children to the many rides that they wanted to ride.  The family we went with had been to the fair many times before and since we just moved here from a smaller town – you got to understand Raleigh is gigantic.  Our children were really excited.  Trying to guide a group of excited children at the fair is like herding cats…they go everywhere.  It was fun.  I got to see an old man with an electric cart run over a mans feet, A bunch of heifers be judged and learn the difference between a baby chick and a turkey chick – they look very similar.  What I enjoyed the most is spending time with my friend and my family.  I think sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do is enjoy life. 

So if you are extremely busy….STOP…and go spend time with the people that are most valuable to you.  I know it won’t be easy. I had to pay a cancellation fee for cancelling my hair appointment and I had to move a meeting I needed to be at for the second time. Not to mention working late the night before so I could take the day off, but it is worth it. 

 Smile.  God is in control:)  

What will you choose?

I came up with a quote the other day I thought I would share. 

 “When preparation meets crisis you have two choices….push what you know to the side line or keep focused and give 110% and make history.”

What we do when everything seems to be going really bad matters.  I see many who know God’s truth, but when problems come their direction they give up or have a hard time going through the problem.  I know it is easy for emotions to take over and role us, but we must be people who stand on God’s word and rely more on Him than we do our own feelings or thoughts. 

Remember when we make right choices right emotions will follow in time. 

Smile.  God is in control 🙂 


Last week was a hard week for everyone on our staff.  A nine year old boy was rushed to the hospital a week ago.  His body was going through seizures and the only way the doctors could stop the seizures is to medically put the young boy in a coma.  It took days for the doctors to find out what was causing the seizures and they finely came to the conclusion that a virus was attacking this boys brain and then his heart.  The doctors did everything they could to attack this virus….the young boy fought and fought for his life, but it all came to an end on this young boys birthday. 

The days following the death of this young boy was over-whelming.  At the viewing we had over a thousand people.  The viewing was only suppose to last a couple hours, but due to the over-whelming turn-out,  it lasted for over four hours.  I have never seen a church stand behind a family like our church did. As you can imagine the ceremony was highly attended.  We had over thousand in attendance and our pastoral staff handled this tragic event without missing a beat. 

The purpose I share all of this is to say….how we handle tragic events in a life of a church is pivital.  One of the first things after the passing of this young boy that our pastors did was come together.  Our senior pastor said shared with us…we must pastor our whole church through this tragedy.  So all of our services including our kids services were geared to help our children and our adult through the pain and loss that they were going through.  Through the whole process I learned the importance of working together as a pastoral staff.  If we did not work together through this tragedy it could have been much more difficult for the church as a whole and many repercussions could have taken place.  We have a great team of pastors that I work with and I love being on the team with them. 

Smile, life sometimes hurts, but God is still good.

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