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UNC Customer Service

Today I had oriantation for my new position with UNC Health Care.   Since our family decided to partner with True Life Church in their church plant, this position will help me supplement my income for our family. 

One of the values that UNC strives as a public health care facility is customer service.  I really like their definition of first impressions.  Basically they said that first impressions is “the consumer’s reality of who an organization is.”  Great first impressions is vital as an organization for health and growth.  We need to continually evaluate how we respond to our customer base,  identify barriers that inhibit our customer to connect to our facility and create an atmosphere where team members go out of their way to make sure that everyone is able to receive the full benefit of the organization.  If you were to evaluate your customer service, how would you rate your organization?  Here are some questions to help:

– Is my facility easily visible?  If not, how can you help your customer have an easier time finding you.

– Once your customer arrives do they have a clear idea where they need to go?  This is where we need signs and team members to help direct individuals. 

– Once our customer reaches their destination, do they receive prompt friendly service?  Do they know that they are valuable as a customer?  How do you communicate this through your team members?  

– Are my team members positive and well educated about the organization and its services? 

 I’d like to keep this open ended.  What other questions do you ask yourself when evaluating your customer service?  I know for us who are in ministry, we don’t call this customer service, but the principles still apply.  I’d love to hear your comments! 


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