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Goose Chases Cheese In Restaurant?

This week I have come across many great books that are being released or have been out for a little while.  I wanted to share some of them with my blogging audience.  If you have come across or have read any books of interested let me know.  I am always looking for good reads. 

I just seen this on The Morning Show.  Anthony Bourdain just came out with his book The Waiter Rant!  If you ever wanted to find out how waiters handled difficult customers, you may be interested in this newly released book.  I’m sure you will hear more about this book in the near future. 

Mark Batterson is soon to release his new book Wild Goose Chase. (Available August 19, 2008)  I have requested a copy of this book from his publisher to write a review.  I am still waiting to see if I will have an opportunity to share what seems to be a promising read for those rediscovering the adventure of pursuing God. 

I just ran across the book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer johnson last night while at work.  I think what got my attention, was that the cover of the book had a Ken Blanchard graphic design feel to it.  I have enjoyed Blanchard’s books through the years and this looks like a great read too.  It is a Ken Blanchard forward so it should be a good read.  The goal of this book is to help leaders lead change within an organization.  This will be on my next book list to purchase.

Since I ran across these books within a matter of two days, I thought it would be a great snapshot of the books that I’m seeing in my life.   I would be interested to hear what you are reading or other books that may of gotten your attention as you heard about them.  Most everyone has something they are reading, so what are learning?


New Worship Album

A friend of mine recommended that I check out  As I went to their worship page  I found that they have produced a couple of albums.  If you like Desperation Band, I think you’ll love this team of worshipers.  Their new album is called “We Are Alive.”  you can listen to samples through CD Baby

As of July 15th they were giving away 100 CD’s  of the new album “We Are Alive.”  I’d like to thank Wade Joye for posting the give away.   Your team seems to be doing amazing things for the Kingdom.  This is a must for all worship leaders to check out. 

I’m interested to hear if you are finding any new worship albums.


Hey, this is the first time I have tried to Jott, blogging.  I’m not even writing this? This is incredible. So, wanted to test it out, here it is. listen

Powered by Jott


The new Iphone application has opened the door to many great abilities, one of them being JOTT!  Jott is a application that allows users to call 1(866) jott 123 and sent text or email messages to people within your contacts or group, without touching your email.  It takes your voice-message and transcribes it to a text format and then sends an e-mail or text to your intended group or person. 

Have any of your tried JOTTING.  How has your experience been?

My Social Community

I wanted to have a huge shout out to Apple!  Since there new update this weekend for the iphone, (…and the new 3G Iphone release) I have had great joy connecting with my social networks.  I am able to connect with facebook, twitter and other media  with ease.  What is great with the iphone update on the new applications, is it is very easy to upload pictures and any add commits within seconds! 

The great part of social media is the great opportunity we have as a church to develop community.  We have the ability to continue conversations and interact right where we have left off in person.  I know that some don’t like that fact that people can know what you are doing as we reveal our status or twitter, but for me it opens the pathway for conversation and allows others to share in my life as I am experiencing life.   So whatever your preference, the ultimate goal is to develop community.   Though social media can be a low level community, it has the ability to bridge towards high level relationships and for me, it is just another way to stay connected to those I care about.

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