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Pocket Theology – Salvation


TrueLife has started a new message series entitled, “Pocket Theology.”  One of the main points through this series is thinking through our theology and learning how to carry it with us in our everyday life.

“What you talk through on Sunday and how it walks on Monday.”

Our first focus is the theology of salvation – the continual supply of  God’s provision for our life.  This provision is not based on our perception of what God can and can’t do, but rather on His unlimited ability to provide any and everything that we need in our life.  We must understand that God is available, even if we emotionally don’t believe or understand it yet.

1.  The best way for  this to walk in our life on Monday is through asking God to be part of the area(s) of our life that we have need. This could be our relationships, personal life, daily circumstances or our personal relationship with Him – spiritually.  This is like opening a conversation with a friend and asking for help.  So we do the same thing with God, just approach God through prayer and ask Him to help you in the specific area of need.

2. Give God access to the place of need.  I do this by just asking God for His wisdom and direction in those areas of my need.  As we do this, we give God direct access to help us and allow Him to bring His provision to our needs.  We also need to have the willingness to allow change to accure in those areas.  This is sometimes one of the first steps that must happen for God’s provision to take place in our life.  We may need to reposition ourselves and how we respond in our need and our relationship to the need – changing our attitude and allowing God be the mediator for us, instead of us dealing with it our way.  For some of us the need has haunted us so long that we have unintentionally became the guardian of the need, we want relief, but we are so tied to the pain we have a hard time letting go.

3.    “The Process of  Salvation is sometimes mysterious.”   As we follow through on His direction, we sometimes see immediate results, but I have noticed that when I wasn’t expect it, God’s hand of provision was faithful to provide for me.  Even when the answer to the need wasn’t  resolved in the same way that I charted out in my mind.  He sometimes uses unexpected people, circumstances and we get the honor to just sit back and watch everything unfold as He unveils His master plan for our life.

For some of us, we may be skeptical about God’s Salvation, but just remember that this big word is something small that each of us can carry with us.  I would like to encourage everyone to pull out God’s Salvation in the small and large matters in our life.  God desires to be in relationship with us and He desires to provide for us in “all” areas of our world.

So this week, let us not limit God’s ability, but rather give him all of our needs.  As everything in our life is yielded to Him, He can then express his unlimited love…making Himself available for you.  He is everything that you need – He is Salvation!


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