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28 Days in Colossians – God is…


Our church is going through Colossians together and today is my day to write out our scripture verse that we are making part of our memory.  So here it goes…

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority. Colossians 2:9-10

This passage unfolds a true that we don’t need to look far into the universe for.  Many people are trying to figure out who God is and even ask themselves, does he really exist; and this passage plainly declares that Christ is the complete image of who God is to mankind.  There is no guess work involved!  When we see the compassion of Christ – we see that God is extending His love, when we see in scripture Christ stops to listen to man’s request – we see God is forever desiring to take care of all of our needs.  God is the one who is in control of everything and He gave Christ to us to show us that He is a personal God who will continue to use His power and authority through mankind.

This is practically is played out in our everyday life when we realize that though our world may fall apart, we still have peace because our economy and security is based on who God is, not on what happens to us.    Christ is…the complete image of the Godhead and is the head over every power and authority in our lives!  So therefore if our trust is in God who hears our cries and has plans to prosper us and not to harm us.  We have much hope!  Walk in His hope that He is with you and He is everything that you need in life!



Pocket Theology – Salvation


TrueLife has started a new message series entitled, “Pocket Theology.”  One of the main points through this series is thinking through our theology and learning how to carry it with us in our everyday life.

“What you talk through on Sunday and how it walks on Monday.”

Our first focus is the theology of salvation – the continual supply of  God’s provision for our life.  This provision is not based on our perception of what God can and can’t do, but rather on His unlimited ability to provide any and everything that we need in our life.  We must understand that God is available, even if we emotionally don’t believe or understand it yet.

1.  The best way for  this to walk in our life on Monday is through asking God to be part of the area(s) of our life that we have need. This could be our relationships, personal life, daily circumstances or our personal relationship with Him – spiritually.  This is like opening a conversation with a friend and asking for help.  So we do the same thing with God, just approach God through prayer and ask Him to help you in the specific area of need.

2. Give God access to the place of need.  I do this by just asking God for His wisdom and direction in those areas of my need.  As we do this, we give God direct access to help us and allow Him to bring His provision to our needs.  We also need to have the willingness to allow change to accure in those areas.  This is sometimes one of the first steps that must happen for God’s provision to take place in our life.  We may need to reposition ourselves and how we respond in our need and our relationship to the need – changing our attitude and allowing God be the mediator for us, instead of us dealing with it our way.  For some of us the need has haunted us so long that we have unintentionally became the guardian of the need, we want relief, but we are so tied to the pain we have a hard time letting go.

3.    “The Process of  Salvation is sometimes mysterious.”   As we follow through on His direction, we sometimes see immediate results, but I have noticed that when I wasn’t expect it, God’s hand of provision was faithful to provide for me.  Even when the answer to the need wasn’t  resolved in the same way that I charted out in my mind.  He sometimes uses unexpected people, circumstances and we get the honor to just sit back and watch everything unfold as He unveils His master plan for our life.

For some of us, we may be skeptical about God’s Salvation, but just remember that this big word is something small that each of us can carry with us.  I would like to encourage everyone to pull out God’s Salvation in the small and large matters in our life.  God desires to be in relationship with us and He desires to provide for us in “all” areas of our world.

So this week, let us not limit God’s ability, but rather give him all of our needs.  As everything in our life is yielded to Him, He can then express his unlimited love…making Himself available for you.  He is everything that you need – He is Salvation!

Life Goals

I’ve been thinking through my life goals. One thought I have been asking myself has been, what things do I want to achieve before I die? I know that it is a huge question for many people. Some of the categories I am thinking through are:

-travel- places I want to visit
-dates- memories I want to make with Jen
– physical goals-this is health, fitness and long term care for my life
-foods- foods I have never experience that would be exciting to try.
-cultural- this the arts, dancing, and the like.
-spiritual goals- for me, this is leaving a spiritual legacy
-financial- this covers short term and long term, even thinking through passing on finances to my child and my grandchildren.
-education- growing intellectually
-family – thinking through family experiences, parenting, and spiritual growth

My favorite quote that goes well with life goals is by Dave Ramsey, “When you choose to live like no one else; one day; you will be like no one else.”

I know this is a lot to think through, but out of this thought, I have begun to experience things in my life that I would have never pursued unless I had challenged myself to think outside of myself. Sometimes we just exist to be what is offered to us in life, instead of pushing ourselves to experience new challenges.

This year instead of making a new years resolution for 2009, I’m asking myself, what life goals am I going to pursue this next year? So I leave you with the same question, what life goals are you going to pursue in 2009?

Conquering My Writers Block

Well I finally have a couple of minutes to post something on my blog and now I am having a blog writer’s block.  I know that no one else has this problem.  I read the best way to overcome writers block is to write, so here I go….

I have been crazy busy lately working on TrueLife, family and personal goals and when I do have a minute left to do something I feel the need to do nothing!  So here is a couple of updates on my life:

#1: I am still running!  Yeaaa!  I will run my 6 mile goal this week if all goes well.  I wanted to already run it this weekend, but I haven’t motivated myself to get back into the routine.  Here are a couple things that I do to keep me motivated as I run:

– listen to running podcast ( Trilogy, 4 Feet Running, and 2 Gomers are the main ones I listen to.)

– I have a running log ( I got a copy from this site:

– I Facebook my progress, this keeps me accountable.

– My number one motivation is one of my Life Goals.  I want to live to be 80 years old (It will be year 2054 – yeaa)  I know that God may change this goal, I may live to be older or younger, but at least I have a target and a plan in place now!

#2: Church Planting is going great at TrueLife Church!  God has brought an amazing team of people together and that has been a blessing!  Our leadership team has been working on 2009 plans and with that comes a huge task list.  It can be scary to look at everything we are planning on 09, but the exciting part is what God is doing through the things that are happening within our community.

#3: I think the hardest part of my life right now is having a limited time to spend with the family.  They have been troopers, and we all have been creative in how we use our time together.  We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving together and made great memories as we put the Christmas tree up and decorated the house.

I think the next time that I l write, I will write about is some of my life goals that I have been thinking through this year. (I have broken my blogger’s writers block!)  So I want to encourage you to think through what goals do you want to achieve with the limited time that God has given you?  Until next time:0)

Stage 1 Running

I have not posted for a while and I thought I would talk about my physical life.  I have recently started running and I must say it has been fun.  I know most people that hear that statement do not equate running and fun together, but I have truly enjoyed it.  I have been running 1.4 miles for almost 2 weeks and next week I start my 2.4 mile run.  I am still in the process of mapping this out, so I don’t have a lot of details.  My strategy as for now is to add 1 mile every two weeks until I hit 5 miles.  Then I will assess and plan out my next steps. 

Since I have began running I feel great and I am starting to lose more weight.  In September I set a weight goal to lose 5 pounds each month through the new year.  Then in January I will assess my progress and my next step.  I am only 28 pounds away from my ideal weight for my body type, so with the right diet and exercise I should meet my ultimate goal by spring. 

In the midst of losing wieght and running I have set a life goal to run in a marathon.  I am taking this in stages at this point.  At the end of January I am planning to be part of the Krispy Kreme Challenge, this is  where runners and non runners run 2 miles eat 2 dozen doughnuts and then run back another 2 miles….I’m not sure if I can pull off the eating part, but I should be able to run the 4 miles by then.

If you’re running I’d love to hear what running goals you have set for yourself.  Keep running…..

What’s On Your List?

I have been coming across more books that seem to be great reads:  Mark Batterson has listed two books he can’t wait to read:  It – by: Craig Groeschel / 200 Pomegranates – by: Shawn Wood.  Another book I am interested in reading, which is on diversity in the church is Peppermint-Filled Piñatas – by: Eric Michael Bryant  and the last book I ran across is Killing Cockroaches – by Tony Morgan.  What books are you finding and on your list of next reads? 

Worship Soundtrack For Life

Truelife has just started a new series of messages entitled: “Worship, Soundtrack For Life.”  When many of us hear this term “worship” we may think music, but music is just one pathway in worship.  Here are other pathways I think of when we talk about worship:

1. Contemplation / journaling – we see this throughout Psalms through the writings of King David
2. Serving : As we honor each other and those less fortunate, we are honoring God.
3. Compassion: Helping the sick and helpless.
4. Pursuing Dreams: Going after those dreams that God has put in our hearts.

The key to each act of worship is our heart connection while engaging in these pathways.  We should be striving to bring honor to God in everything thing that we do in life.  In our home, workplace, and community.  Since we are carrying the presence of God, people around us should scense God’s peace, kindness, and love.  Though this is not new to many of us, the reality of making worship our life can be difficult.  Sometimes we place our desires above God’s and His plan for our lives.

The question I asked Truelife on Sunday was, what 1 step do you need to take in your life to begin engaging in worship?  For many of us it is as simple as making a mind shift regarding worship. “Everyhing I do is to bring honor to God!”.  What is your step foraward?


Goose Chases Cheese In Restaurant?

This week I have come across many great books that are being released or have been out for a little while.  I wanted to share some of them with my blogging audience.  If you have come across or have read any books of interested let me know.  I am always looking for good reads. 

I just seen this on The Morning Show.  Anthony Bourdain just came out with his book The Waiter Rant!  If you ever wanted to find out how waiters handled difficult customers, you may be interested in this newly released book.  I’m sure you will hear more about this book in the near future. 

Mark Batterson is soon to release his new book Wild Goose Chase. (Available August 19, 2008)  I have requested a copy of this book from his publisher to write a review.  I am still waiting to see if I will have an opportunity to share what seems to be a promising read for those rediscovering the adventure of pursuing God. 

I just ran across the book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer johnson last night while at work.  I think what got my attention, was that the cover of the book had a Ken Blanchard graphic design feel to it.  I have enjoyed Blanchard’s books through the years and this looks like a great read too.  It is a Ken Blanchard forward so it should be a good read.  The goal of this book is to help leaders lead change within an organization.  This will be on my next book list to purchase.

Since I ran across these books within a matter of two days, I thought it would be a great snapshot of the books that I’m seeing in my life.   I would be interested to hear what you are reading or other books that may of gotten your attention as you heard about them.  Most everyone has something they are reading, so what are learning?

New Worship Album

A friend of mine recommended that I check out  As I went to their worship page  I found that they have produced a couple of albums.  If you like Desperation Band, I think you’ll love this team of worshipers.  Their new album is called “We Are Alive.”  you can listen to samples through CD Baby

As of July 15th they were giving away 100 CD’s  of the new album “We Are Alive.”  I’d like to thank Wade Joye for posting the give away.   Your team seems to be doing amazing things for the Kingdom.  This is a must for all worship leaders to check out. 

I’m interested to hear if you are finding any new worship albums.


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