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Get Motivated


Last week I had the opportunity to attend a business motivational conference at the RBC Center here in Raleigh, NC.  They had a couple of speakers that had some good leadership thoughts that I wanted to pass your way.

The first person that I want to highlight on is Coach Roy Williams from UNC.  He shared some of his favorite quotes that he uses with his team.  Here are a few of his thoughts: 

“Persistence prevails when all else fails.”

 “You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust the sails.” 

“Great opportunity comes from those who take advantage of small ones.”

“Nothing great is achieved without enthusiasm.”

“The speed of a Thoroughbred can be measured by a watch, but the speed of the race measures the heart.”

“Everyone has the will to win, champions are those who prepare.”

“A winner makes commitment, a loser makes promises.”

” A man must live with himself, he must see that he is in good company.”

“It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.”

“Do not condemn your neighbor unless you have walked in his moccasins for two full moons.”

“Good teams have good players, great teams have great teammates.”

“He who climbs the highest is those who helps others up.”

“We don’t have to be alike to be together, but we must be together to be affective.”

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

“Success is a journey not a destination.”

“One of life’s great pleasures is doing what others tell you, you cannot do.”

“Focus, sacrifice, work together”

“Play together, work hard, plat smart, recruit”

The second person that had some great leadership thoughts is Gen. Colin Powell

1.  Set clear goals for those serving with you. Have a clear mission and strategy.

2.  Take care of those who work for you. 

– Help them to be more skillful

– Equip them

– Recognize and reward hard work and accomplishments

3.  Find the weak part of the organization. 

– The key to a strong organization is strong leaders.  If you cannot develop those who are working with you then you must release them and find the best leaders for that area.

– Build a solid bond of trust within the organization.  I believe this is built by being consistent in your leadership, honest in your dealings, showing care by equipping and listening.  This element of trust is not built overnight, it takes leaders handling hard situations with care and handling them with integrity.  I have worked with those who have not  handled situations well and I  have lost trust and respect for their leadership. 

4.  Face reality don’t ignore it! 

– Change things that aren’t working well. 

Well that is all I’m going to highlight on for today.  Hope some of these great thoughts and insights inspire you to be a better leader and follower.


My Values

my values

I heard a quote the other day that stated, “How you spend your time is the clearest indicator, especially to other people, what’s important to you.”   How you spend your time is also a true measurement of what you believe in. Whatever you say your #1 value is must line up with your calendar.  How much of your calendar day is wrapped up with what you say is your value?  It is obvious to me that I value blogging.  Almost everyday I focus on this addicting way of communication. 

The best way to gauge your life values is by journaling how you spend your time each day.  Start when you wake up and end the journaling process when you go to bed.  If you say being with your family is a value, how much time do you spend with them?  One ministry value that I say I have is mentoring others, but how much time do I spend growing and developing leaders?

There are some healthy values that we need in our life, but maybe we have not thought through how to make it part of our life.  Maybe they are not natural values that we possess, but as we begin applying these values that are unnatural to our lives, our unnatural values transform in us to be a natural value. 

The bottom line is what do you say is your life values…do they line up with your calendar?

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