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Website Change Up – MFAChurch

For the past two weeks we have been focusing on updating our existing site @mfachurch and soon we will have a new domain with tons of traffic on the new domain  God has sent a web marketing guy to our church and I have learned tons of stuff that is so helpful.   I know from the beginning our the it was only ranking at 30 and we are pushing up to 56.  We still have a little ways to go, but by next year at this time we should be much better off!


Marketing Through “TEXT” messaging


I stumbled upon a great marketing strategy as I was driving past an apartment complex.  “Texting for more info.”  I starting thinking through how signs can be more then just promotions, they can be interactive!  Image driving by a church sign and it says TEXT this number for more info.  People would be able to retrieve personalized information to their phone with no attachments or felt pressure to be part of the church or event.  This is a great use of technology within today’s culture to help people connect with each other.   

If you think of any great marketing strategies let me know! 

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