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TrueLife Creativity Teams

Our TrueLife (TL) creativity team has been in the process of looking at what our DNA should be as Creativity Teams?  Through the process we have come up with “play ground rules” a manifesto of what will guide all of our creativity teams in the future.  The concepts that I love is that we give people within these teams a voice to share and to contribute to the bigger plan that God is doing in the midst of TL.  This opens the door to allow the church to function within their giftings and interact and reach the city through those giftings.  Where some church cultures suppress new ideas and innovation, TL creativity teams draw out new thinking (through those within the community) as it helps to build bridges to the culture, cultural creatives and through the process it develops community through our journey together.

I guess what motivates me secondly is God has a pathway within our community to shape and form us.  For ages churches  have been copies of other churches, people have thought; if I can only do what that “Big Church” is doing I will build a name for myself, but the reality is that we build a name within our communities by acting and functioning together as a community.  A place where people’s voice can be heard and a place to serve and share the gospel in a practical manner to the city that God has called each of us.

I guess I am sharing all of this just because I am excited to be in a place where I fit, I belong, and God can fulfill something special through our creativity teams.  I know we aren’t the perfect church, but as God directs… lives will be changed!

Lastly, I want to thank Mark for being obedient to allow this concept of creativity teams to be part of our community.  It is a joy to serve with you!


Experiencing God is Living

It is quite interesting; once a person starts church planting everything in his world begins to change.  Scheduling, office work and communication is no longer done within the pristine white walls of an office.  The environment shifts and you begin the adaptation process of your new world that is being formed.  When working out of your home office, you must set aside office hours VS family time.  Communication is done continual with emails and by mobile phone.  (May I add, I just ordered myself an I-phone and I am exited how it will help my communication base to expand while I am mobile?  I should get it by the end of the week!  Yeaaa!) Everything is done in motion, on the go open for all to see. 
I guess I am trying to say that though everything is changing and shifting continually, it is exciting to be part of what God has called you to – that being, people who desire to experience God in their world.  To me, that is living!



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