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Steve Harvey’s Introducing Christ

If you haven’t seen Steve Harvey’s video on how he would introduce Christ if he had the chance, you’ve got to check this out!  To me that’s worship!  Great job Steve!


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4 thoughts on “Steve Harvey’s Introducing Christ

  1. Jennifer Wilson on said:

    WOW! You didn’t tell me about this blog. it gave me goose bumps. I want to go to steve’s church. WOW!

  2. This is one of the most touching and emotional videos I have ever watched. You do want to put on your dancing shoes. Don’t know if he is a Christian or not but think it even had an impact on him at the end!!

    Need to see more of this type videos instead of others being sent around!!

  3. Thomas Verghese on said:

    I have admired Steve for a long time and my impression of him is that he is a man of faith. His introduction of Christ is very powerful. He DID introduce Christ – not just “if he had a chance to introduce…”

    Thank you Steve.


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