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A Full Bladder


Today has been a very busy day.  It has been a day full of bathroom experiences. In Ecuador you aren’t allow to put used toilet paper in the toilet.  Which is quite interesting.  In America you do your business and flush it away, but being in a country that collects used toilet paper is disgusting.  Today was a huge market day in the streets and while we were walking through the streets we seen a huge barrel of garbage full of used toilet paper.   When you see a barrel of used paper something inside your stomach turns.

While we were in San Francisco, Ecuador we were able to minister to over 200 people.  Which was one of the largest crowds that they have seen in that area ever.  So after working through lunch and trying to stay hydrated, you need to get rid of the water.  The only problem was because we are ministering in an open succor field there really isn’t a bathroom.  So after holding your bladder for over two hours you just have to go.  The youth pastor that I work with and I went hunting for a place that we could go.  The only problem was that every corner that we tried to find, weather it was a tree or a wall, someone was behind them or an Ecuadorian house with their windows were wide open.  Finally after searching for about 15 minutes we found a semi secluded area.  Let me tell you, after you have held your bladder that long, any relief is exciting.  

After ministering in San Francisco, Ecuador we went to another location.  Because we are trying keep everyone hydrated, my bladder was full again.  So another break was in order which was suppose to be fine in this location because they had a bathroom.  So I entered the bathroom and the smell almost knocks me over.  So I held my breathe and tried to enter the first stall, but it was full and water covered the floor.  I tried to use the next stall and it wasn’t much better.  So I had to make a choice to either use the toilet or find another wall.  I choose the toilet and added more water to dirtiest bathroom I have ever used in my entire life of living.  So the next time you are experiencing your dirtiest bathroom experience, remember that in Ecuador it is much worst.   


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